Junk Removal


One of the most stressful parts of selling a home or relocating is clearing out all the things that you’ve accumulated in your life. While we hold on to our most treasured family heirlooms and favorite pieces of furniture, we often are left with a seemingly insurmountable amount of things that are best left behind. This is where Purple Cow Ames junk removal can help you move on to your new life without the process having to be stressful!

Purple Cow will show up on time to help you with Ames junk removal and provide a free on site quote. No Ames junk removal job is too small or too big for Purple Cow. We will work diligently until the job is done, and you won’t have to lift a finger!



Selling, buying, and renovating a home can be one of the most stressful times of our lives, especially in the working world, where you may have limited time. With Purple Cow Ames junk removal, the stress is eliminated! With one phone call, we will get your Ames junk removal job done, so you can focus on your life ahead, instead of piles of the past that need to be removed.



Whether you are moving out of your family home, or renovating a new business, Purple Cow will take care of your Ames junk removal needs. Whether indoor or outdoor, Purple Cow will make the mess disappear in a timely manner.



Whether you are doing some spring cleaning in your home, relocating your business to a new area, or clearing out a house that you plan to sell, you will benefit from Purple Cow for your Ames junk removal needs. Often, as days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to years, we produce and accumulate waste that can be more difficult to dispose of than simply putting it in a dumpster. From old electronics with caustic battery acid, expired chemicals, etc, Purple Cow will safely remove what you need and dispose of it in an environmentally safe way! All discarded items that can be recycled will be, and in strict accordance with local environmental policy.


With Purple Cow, you can spend more time with your family and friends, spend more time working on your future business without dealing with the stress of worrying how you’re going to properly and effectively remove your accumulated waste.

Once you lose time, you never get it back. Time saved, often equates to money saved. By Purple Cow Ames Junk removal, you will save money in the long run, as your time and mental space will be free to focus on your business without having to lose valuable hours, days, or even weeks.

Purple Cow Ames junk removal is professional and courteous. From the moment you make your first phone call until the last load is safely hauled away, you will receive outstanding customer service and you and your property will be treated with the utmost care and respect deserved.

Clearing out cluttered spaces can also inspire new and creative ideas. Often our basements, garages, spare rooms, sheds, yards, and attics become so cluttered that they lose all purpose and functionality. Why not turn that backyard shed filled with old wood, paint cans, and car parts into a clean, not only usable, but inspiring space for home projects? Have you dreamed of having a basement where family, friends, and kids can gather on the holidays to watch movies, play pool, ping-pong, or Foosball, but the dream hasn’t become a reality because you lack the time to clear the space? Or perhaps you might be physically unable to do the leg work? Not a problem for Purple Cow Ames junk removal. Your vision will soon become a reality!

Perhaps you’re expecting the new addition of a child to your family and you’d like to turn that cluttered spare room into a cozy nursery for your precious little one? Purple Cow Ames junk removal is just one quick phone call away.

These days, more than ever, we are urged to reduce our carbon footprint in our precious environment. Clearing out a cluttered space can not only be good for peace of mind, but can start a new mindset of minimal living. We often don’t realize how much we accumulate until the time comes to dispose of it or move it elsewhere. A fresh new and uncluttered space can be thought of as a fresh, blank canvas for our future endeavors.

For business owners, we often let overhead pile up and get in the way of current operations. Hiring Purple Cow Ames junk removal will breathe new life, positive energy, and balance to your place of business. Customers that are happy and comfortable in a beautiful, clean place of business are ten times more likely to return, creating a more successful business and future for you!

Unfortunately injuries happen. Perhaps a sprained ankle from slipping on winter ice, or lingering back pain keep you from bringing your home or business renovation projects to fruition. Or perhaps you’d like to avoid possible injury by moving an extremely heavy item With Purple Cow Ames junk removal, you can sit back, heal, and let us do all the heavy lifting and moving for you.


Purple Cow Ames junk removal can also help you with any handyman job you might need. Whether installing a mount for your new TV entertainment center, removing cabinets, or painting, we can help you with your tasks. A Purple Cow specialist will do a free on-site quote for whatever task you’d like accomplished. Purple Cow Ames junk removal also provides lawn care services, to bring that front and/or back yard to manicured perfection! We even offer our first lawn care service for the mere price of only one dollar!

Save yourself the time, energy, and stress and call Purple Cow today for any and all of your Ames junk removal needs!