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They did a great job! Great customer service. Would highly recommend!!

– Joanne Hansson

Look no further than Purple Cow Junk Removal and Home Services for all Ames Junk Removal. We specialize in working closely with customers to help get spaces back to the condition you prefer them. We care about the customers’ needs and helping out in any way we can. We are based out of Ames, IA. Go Cyclones! We also work in Des Moines and surrounding areas. We want to serve Ames residents to the best of our abilities. That is why customer service, fair pricing, high quality staff, ethical disposal and redistribution, and high quality service are so important to us. We believe that all of these aspects give our customers the best service for Ames Junk Removal. Ask any of our technicians about these values and you will see how much we care about serving you well.

Great customer service is extremely important here at Purple Cow Junk Removal and Home Services. We train our staff thoroughly to work with customers in a friendly, respectful, and helpful manner. We are Iowa nice around here! Your call is treated with the utmost importance and care. If you are happy or unhappy with the way your business is handled we want to know and make any improvements we can. Most companies, if you can get them on the phone, make you go on a voyage of stress, annoyance, and inconvenience just to get directed by the recorded machine to the wrong customer service representative. Here at people cow junk t removal and home services, a real human answers the phone every time guaranteed. We will greet you happily and assist you in any way possible.

We also think the customer should get fair pricing every time. That is why if you get a quote from another company and they priced it lower than us, we will match that price. And if you are unhappy with our services, let us know and we will work with you to fix any issues if possible. And if noting else we will give you your money back. You shouldn’t have to pay food something you’re not satisfied with. We believe that is something other companies do way too often. They charge you for a service and only there do the bare minimum of the work and effort required and then charge you more than you’d like and offer no solution to your issues with the work. We don’t tolerate that mediocrity here at Putple cow junk removal and home services. Junk removal in Ames should be easy and simple for the customer. We also have a unique quoting system. We schedule a time to come out and meet you face to face and see the junk in person. Then we measure the cubic feet of the junk. Then we give a quick accurate quote based on the cubic feet of the junk, on the spot. You don’t have to wait a few days to hear from the company on what it will cost. If you have any additional items while we are working on your job just let us know and our junk removal experts will calculate on the spot how much more thats will cost if it will cost anything more. We try to make it as quick and painless as possible. No waiting around to know what the price will be. Odds are if you are calling us it’s because you are tired of having these items in your space. So you want them gone as soon as possible.

High quality staff is key to providing the best service for Ames Junk Removal. We have a thorough system for finding and hiring the best Ames Junk Removal experts. All staff undergoes a great deal of training to make sure they are prepared and up to par to service your needs to the best of their abilities. We test our junk removal experts in all of our home service capabilities to find their strengths and skills. Then we make sure we match their skills and strengths to the work they are doing. We not only want you to be pleased with the work, we want our staff to be confident and capable in the work they are doing. We do our best work when our staff is doing the work they are best at.

Here at Purple Cow Junk Removal and Home Services we take pride in being a green company for Ames Junk Removal. By green we mean that we try to reuse or recycle as much of the junk we receive as possible. We donate as much of the items to donation centers as they will allow us. Anything left over gets sorted through and taken to the designated recycling centers to be used or repurposed. It can be hard letting go of your possessions knowing they will be dumped in a landfill somewhere. You can have peace of mind when you use our services, knowing that your items are being reused and recycled. Landfills are full enough without junk removal companies adding to them. This is not the most simple or cheap way to get rid of the junk, but we think it is the most ethical and the right thing to do. We hold very high expectations for our company and the work we do. That is why we don’t lower our values for things like price and ease.

Most importantly, the services we provide are of the highest quality. Our values are shown through our work. We want to provide you with the best, honest service out there. Our Ames Junk Removal experts work hard and efficiently to clear out your space. We are big on feedback from our customers. When we are done with the job we make sure you are happy with our work. We ask if it looks good or if there is anything else that needs to be done. We are also happy to assist you with any other services you need done in your home while we are there. If you can think of it, we can probably help you out with it.