Des Moines Handy Man

Are you looking for help with your long “honey do” list? Call the Cow! Here at Purple Cow we provide handyman services for Des Moines, Ames and the surrounding territories. Handyman services can be small like assembling some new furniture, repairing minor holes and problems with the drywall or larger like replacing a shower or installing a shed. Our process remains the same though, give us a call and we will come to your location and provide a free Des Moines handy man quote on the spot. From there you can decide if you want to have us move forward with the quote or not, many times if it is a smaller project we can even start and finish it while we are there laying out the initial quote if approved! Most people don’t understand why hiring a Purple Cow handyman can save you time, money and hair, when you hire us, you no longer have to worry about how much it will cost, we give you the price right up front before anything has been started on and the quote is completely free.

You will also know what your all in price is, even if we end up taking a little bit longer than we initially thought, you only owe us for the quote you were given before we started. As long as nothing else was added to the job after we make the quote and start the job the pricing will remain no higher than the quote, and if we get the job done sooner than expected you pay less! This saves stress and clarifies what you’re up against, it can also save you money even if you were going to do the Des Moines handy man work yourself. Since you no longer need to spend time learning how to do the job, and what materials to get you can use that free time to spend time with family and friends or work longer. No longer needing to learn how to do the job means that you also will not have to worry about potentially learning the wrong information and getting half way into the project then learning that you watched the wrong video and now you are going to have to call a professional.

There is no doubt that calling a professional can be just as difficult as doing the job yourself in this industry, many contractors are known for not answering their phone calls or texts and not completing jobs on time, on budget, or at all. With Purple Cow you will never have to worry about that, we have an actual office staff dedicated to answering your questions, taking calls and texts and making sure that projects get done on time, on budget and get done correctly. Since we are a local company we are able to tightly manage our operations here in the Ames and Des Moines handy man market, this allows us to be very consistent in getting work done on time, on budget, and at a high level. That is why we have lots of happy customers leaving us reviews! Here at Purple Cow we take pride in being different from other similar small businesses, we do not want to blend in, we want to have such a high level of customer service and high level of work that people can’t help but refer us to their friends and family.

You may be asking yourself, I don’t know if my problem is really something Purple Cow hand man does or not? Here at Purple Cow we offer a wide range of products and services. Pertaining to Des Moines handy man work we offer a wide range of indoor services like mounting TV’s, we also provide garage organization services, garage door repair services, floor installation and removal services, walk through door installation and removal services, hot tub removal and repair services, bathroom removal and repair services, kitchen repair services, drywall repair, removal and installation services, painting services, patio repair services, stair repair services, appliance installation, repair and removal services, and much more! Purple Cow Des Moines handy man also provides outdoor services such as deck installation and removal services, shed installation and removal services, siding installation, repair and removal services, yard maintenance, replacement, and sod installation services, playset installation, repair, removal and inspection services, tree house installation, repair, removal and inspection services, pergola installation and removal services, irrigation services, landscaping services and much more! For any problem you’re facing in, on or around your home, call the Cow!

Many people ask if we charge service calls, the answer has always been no, no matter what, when you call us we always offer free on site estimates, anytime an estimate is approved we can schedule it right then and there. Even if you approve the estimate at a later date you can call in and book it, wait for us to call you or book the appointment online! Anytime somebody books something online we always call to confirm to make sure that we have all of the necessary information ahead of time.

We also confirm because if you are approving a quote that we gave you at an earlier date we will need to review the amount of time blocked off for the appointment and make sure that our handyman technicians will have enough time and the correct materials to complete the job on time, on budget and at a high level of quality. All of our Des Moines handy man services have a customer satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the service we provided, it’s on us. One of the main reasons we have happy customers leaving reviews is Purple Cow has the best team in the industry, we are always striving to be better and we genuinely care about and enjoy what we do. This sets us apart from many competitors, that is why we offer free on site quotes, we want you to meet us in person and see for yourself why you should always call the cow for your home services needs.