Purple Cow Junk Removal Ames is a lot more than just a junk removal company. We take pride in being able to provide you with some of the best Home Improvement services that you can find in the area. This is all on top of the amazing junk removal that we are going to provide with depressing cubic feet of junk. Our company was founded in 2021 after the owner had already settled and created a booming automotive equipment business. Shortly later the owner noticed the importance of junk removal services and how happy the clients were after having this junk removed from their property. After a few trial runs of junk removal the owner of purple cow decided that it was time to create her compound junk removal and home services.

You may be wondering exactly why the owner chose Purple Cow for the name of their Junk Removal Ames services and if a purple cow is going to show up when you require junk removal. is absolutely fair and we are going to go ahead and tell you exactly how he came up with the name Purple Cow and why he thinks it was the best place. The owner of purple cow, Josiah Ragsdale, believed that in order for his company to stand out he needed to have a name that was going to be unique, this name was purple cow! This is because a purple cow is absolutely unique and never seen, meaning our services are one of a kind.

The name doesn’t only speak for itself but our services do as well because they are truly unique and one of a kind. Junk Removal Ames services are meant to be affordable, flexible, and extremely quick. Instead of waiting one to two days, maybe even more than a week, for a court regarding the junk on your property, we are going to go ahead and give you a call right off the back and schedule anytime to come quote the amount of junk. Are junk removal prices based on cubic feet of the amount of junk that you have. We will actually give you a quote on the spot that same day so you can understand exactly how much it’s going to cost you.

On top of that we are going to offer a price match for any junk removal services that offer you a lower price than what we are. Hope you know you are going to appreciate the quality of our services over the quality of our competitors. The removal of junk is very short. depending on how much junk you have on your property. However, if you find there’s anything else you’d like removed on the spot that same day we can definitely add that into your price on the spot.

check out more about our junk removal services, pricing, and flexibility you can check out our website at https://purplecowjunkremoval.com/. For more questions about your junk removal you can definitely direct that too 515-686-4870!

Junk Removal Ames | A Range Of Services

We are more than a Junk Removal Ames company, we are a home improvement services company as well. This means that we are going to be able to help you all around the house with many different types of projects, repairs, and so much more. We may have started as a junk removal company but we have learned that there are so many other things that we are able to assist with around your home or property. All of our staff are highly trained and knowledgeable and provide the highest quality services for any task that we request. This means that if you request a junk removal service and then find that your yard could use a little bit of landscaping, we can definitely help you out after that! We use the highest quality of tools and products to landscape your property.

We actually offer epoxy flooring as one of our services along with Junk Removal Ames! We know exactly how high the need is for epoxy flooring specialists and that is why we wanted to be able to offer that to the community. First off we are going to go ahead and meet you in person to decide exactly what the game plan is and what you would prefer for your flooring. One of the questions we made discuss with you is whether you’re a full broadcast or broadcast with plates and then laying your core.

It’s also going to be good to know that we provide the highest quality Equipment when we are going to be laying in your epoxy floors. We will not leave a major mess for the homeowners to find and clean up, it will be of the highest quality possible, alongside our Junk Removal Ames services! So go ahead and call us today to remove that junk from your garage. Then we can go ahead and Discuss the process for laying an epoxy floor. Are epoxy services going to be extremely quick, affordable For you, and at the highest quality. There really is no reason for you to not choose us and our services for any Improvement needs you have.

If you are in search of a good crew to lay down an epoxy floor for you within your residential home or even the commercial property we are going to be more than happy to help you. You can definitely check out more information on our epoxy flooring services on our website alongside all the other Home Improvement Services we are going to be able to provide you. Our services truly range from some of these smallest mechanical issues to large projects such as epoxy flooring.

to learn more about these Services go ahead and visit our website at https://purplecowjunkremoval.com/ then select the services tab on our toolbar. from here you can find the option to review our epoxy services along with lawn care, snow removal, and so much more. and we still have more questions or you are certain on the service that we could assist you with then you can give us a call at 515-686-4870.