Most driving businesses choose to donate some or all of their funds to certain emissions and or organizations that they believe to be worth it, which is why after every job we complete for Junk Removal Ames, we donate a percentage to a mission of our choice. This mission is referred to as the Safari Mission which is aimed to help people in East Africa rise up to become a leader in their community. On top of this, we want to make sure our company remains as green as possible by recycling as often as possible. This means that after everybody’s unfriendly we are going to make sure that we can recycle almost every single piece of junk and if not the rest will be donated. These are just some of the ways that we try to give back to our community, Trustworthy organizations, and the earth.

The owner of Purple Cow Junk Removal Ames Knows the importance of giving back to his community which is why he has aimed to find what he needs to be a very important organization to donate to. He understands not everyone has the same opportunities in life, or born to the same standards. This is why he wants to make sure that part of the percentage you pay for a junk removal is going to go to that Organization, the Safari mission.

One of the major reasons why the owner chose the Safari mission to be the organization we give back to after every Junk Removal Ames is because of the main differences between this organization and many others. such as the fact that most of the leaders and organization are actually from Canyon themselves and not america. This means that local people within the community are attempting to help other things that they are already familiar with. Another amazing thing is that this organization is also gospel based.

We welcome you to go ahead and review tons of helpful information about this organization and how long they have been in business, which is going to be over 15 years. We have tons of amazing information on our website about this Mission and how it was founded by Idar and Catherine Ligard over 15 years ago. Another amazing thing is that they aim to support adults within the community who are currently parents from Guardians in order to provide a better future for their children.

If you do in fact want to learn a bit more about this organization we can definitely check that out on our website at! We also want to make sure that you know you are more than welcome to this call any time at 515-686-4870 request a free quote for your junk removal today. All we need to do is set up a good time to come and review the gems that you have laying around your yard and then we can go ahead and provide you with a calculated quote based on cubic feet the same day!

Junk Removal Ames | Make Your Yard Pretty

Purple Cow Junk Removal Ames and Home Improvement services passionate about helping people with their household Improvement means along with junk removal. We are cautious about this because we know this is how important it is to have Space that you appreciate and I’m proud of. Because of this we wanted to make sure that we were able to do more than just junk removal and offer other services such as lawn care, lawn aeration, removal, even epoxy flooring services. We truly offer a wide variety of services that are going to help you and your family. On top of this we are going to go ahead and match any junk removal offer that is less than ours. We know we’ll come to find it to be the quickest, and painless junk removal that you can find Within iowa.

If you have just had your Junk Removal Ames and now you found that your yard looks a lot more open and can definitely use a bit of landscaping? then we can definitely help you out with that as well. Here at Purple Cow we take pride in providing the best lawn care services in the area. This doesn’t only include residential we also provide services to commercial properties as well and it is good to know that if you do have a commercial property we are only going to use the best equipment possible. Even if you have found the ground to be soft after rainy weather, no doubt we are still able to mow without destroying your yard.

after giving us a call for your Junk Removal Ames and then deciding that you can use a little bit of laundry determine exactly the result that you wish to have from your lawn, then we will choose a package that is going to fit your financial capabilities, then we are going to review these Lawns current health. This means that we are going to be able to advise you exactly what your lawn could use to look brand new the next day.

Some of the lawn care services we provide are trimming to desired long height, Unique Designs and landscaping, removal, and much more. and it’s also good to know that if you have a commercial property such as a golf course or rental property we do have different packages that require the bare minimum. However, if your residential area and you wish to have professional landscaping done on your property to have your yard looking brand new then you should definitely give us a call.

if you want to learn more about the services we provide aside from lawn care or you are interested in our lawn care services and just want to learn a little bit more about that you can definitely check out our website at and welcome to give us a call if you want to quote any of our services at 515-686-4870. Company and we are passionate about helping people that need assistance and bettering their property.