At Ames junk removal not only do we remove junk items with the purple cow at junk removal and Home Services, we can also serve you at home okay. Once we give you a quote, we can get started as soon as you approve it. I always bring a truck and trailer to load up all of your junk. We know that you want all your junk accounts as soon as possible, so we strive to be as efficient as possible. Add Purple Cow, we also offer a wide variety of Home Services that would greatly benefit you. We know that you have many small tasks or even big ones that you have pushed off but still need done, and we’d be happy to help end them.

With Ames junk removal services we try to offer the most compatible prices in the business. we base our pricing quote off of how many cubic feet of junk you may have at your home or business if you I’ve gotten a quote from another junk removal business and the Ames area and it is possibly lower than what we quoted you for we will match whatever price you give us and offer a higher quality in service than the company for the same price. We want to make sure that you’re happy every single time we might take a chunk for you.

Here are some of the services that we offer at Ames junk removal : weekends at which I remove a lot of junk. I like single items such as couches, refrigerators, recliners , columns, chairs, and any other single items that you may have. For outdoor junk oh, we can remove yard waste like leaves, compost, small trees and limb removal. We can also remove any snow or ice that might accumulate during the winter. Essentially, if you have anything to remove from your home or business, we are the junk removal company to call. We would love to help you with junk removal.

At Purple Cow, we also offer Home Services. We can do small tasks such as hanging up a picture or a mirror, and even sweep your floors, to bigger projects like cleaning out your gutters, oh, cleaning your windows or assembling furniture for you. We can also mow your lawn from your weeds, rate your grass, apply grass seed at your lawn, or even install sod. We can also stack or remove firewood, we can also clean your ravine or remove metal or industrial equipment. If you have agricultural equipment or even automotive equipment, we can also remove that.

If you’re looking for the highest quality junk removal or home service work in the Ames area, give us a call at purple cow that junk removal and Home Services at (515) 686-4870 or visit our website at We can’t wait to help you and any junk removal or home service that you may have. we love to hear from you! If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call. If you would like to get a quote on how much it would cost to get your junk removed. give us a call or visit our website and we can get you a quote the same day that we can remove your junk.

Ames Junk Removal | Junk Done Right.

Ames junk removal is the leading junk removal company in the Ames area. We also can do services at your home. We would love to remove any time that you might have at your business or at home we can do garden overalls or even weed your garden. We base our prices off of each cubic foot of junk and can remove many single items like couches and refrigerators. We can also install bathroom vanities, repair your showers or repair your storm shutters. If you’re looking for the best junk removal company, look no further than the Purple Cow.

one looking for Ames junk removal , look no further than Purple Cow junk removal and Home Services. We pride ourselves and competition.the best junk removal experts, and offer the best customer service like any junk removal business does. We also offer the best pricing available and we’ll match any quote you have received from another junk removal business and offer a better service then the competition. Not only will our team leave you with a smile on your face, but we will also leave with a home or business clean of any junk that you may have had before.

With Ames junk removal we can cover any removal of junk weather be at your house, or business. We can also list any things they may have for your house. This includes mowing your lawn or even assembling furniture. the list of services is a long and strenuous as we covered just about any service that you made Mandee’s on your house such as installing a garden or sod as well as repairing any interior or exterior trim on your house. We can even repair brick or stucco, or replace or install any windows. We can also install appliances.

All of our services are covered by our satisfaction guarantee. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services of removing your junk. That means if you are not satisfied by any of our services that we provide, We will be sure to right that wrong. Our team of experts are here to assist you in We can help with any big or small job you may have.whatever you have on your list in a timely manner and on a budget that works for you. When except you in one of our quotes will also mention that we offer residential and Commercial financing! We can help you with any big or small job you may have.

If you’re interested end any of our services at Purple Cow junk removal and Home Services, and would like the best experience in the business, Book an appointment to get a quote to remove your junk by checking out our website at or give us a call and we can also answer any questions you might have ADD our phone number at (515) 686-4870. We can’t wait to assist you in any junk removal needs and Hope to work with you soon! the If we have worked with you before we would love any feedback that you would have on our services