Ames Lawn Care

Try out Purple Cow Junk Removal & Homes Services for the best Ames Lawn Care service in the area! Here at Purple Cow Junk Removal we pride ourselves on our exceptional lawn care services and pricing. We provide commercial and residential lawn care in the Ames, Ankeny and Des Moines areas. For commercial lawn care we use only the best equipment so that even if the ground is soft from rainy weather we can still mow without leaving ruts, tracks or getting stuck. We use a 83 inch mower deck to provide quick service for large properties, our mower decks contour up to 40 degrees to ensure scalp free mowing.

Here at Purple Cow we utilize all wheel drive mowers with duals to spread the weight of the mower out and ensure that we do not damage the turf or leave unsightly marks. We provide services for golf courses, apartment complexes, businesses and residential homes! Our Ames Lawn Care services also include aerating, seeding, spraying, weeding, trimming, brush mowing, edging, fertilizing, ballpark renovating, ballpark grooming, finish mowing and much more!

Here at Purple Cow we are so much more than just a junk removal company, we provide top notch lawn care and handyman services as well. Give us a call for your free quote on lawn care, landscaping, handyman projects, junk removal, or snow removal. We provide landscape design services, backyard renovation services, edging, trimming, weed management in lawns and gardens, leaf removal, lawn mowing, fertilizing, spraying, aeriating, seeding, pruning, landscaping, and much more! What is the free lawn care consultation for?

We determine what you would like out of your lawn, and based on this choose a pricing package that fits your needs best. In this we are looking at the lawn’s current health to see if we should include reseeding, fertilizer, spraying, weeding or aerating and whether those should be ongoing services. Ames Lawn Care services by Purple Cow Junk Removal & Homes Services includes desired lawn height, cutting patterns, weed removal and much more! We have different packages for lawn care that range from golf courses to rental properties that just need the minimum mowing and trimming required.

We can provide competitive pricing for residential or commercial properties. We also provide fall leaf removal, and or leaf mulching services, we can remove your sticks, leaves and general debris from your lawn as well as provide trimming, edging, aerating, fertilizing and reseeding. Give us a call today at 515-686-4870 for your free lawn maintenance consultation! Here at Purple Cow Junk Removal & Homes Services we provide an easy and painless process for scheduling your service whether it is lawn care, junk removal, handyman services or landscaping services we can handle the job! We pride ourselves on being able to provide free on the spot quotes for lawn care services and junk removal services, the simplest way to get your free consultation is by calling or texting us at 515-686-4870 or you can always email us at

You can be sure not to miss us providing your Ames Lawn Care services with our bright purple lawn mowers, we want your neighbors to know that we are providing your lawn maintenance since it will be so excellent! With lawn care services we provide several different pricing options, you can either join our lawn maintenance plan, we have a Good, Better and Best maintenance plan to fit your needs. If you would only like lawn care services occasionally we also provide per service pricing depending on the size of your lawn, amount of trimming, amount of edging, amount of pruning, amount of weeding, and whether you would like the grass trimmings to be bagged.

The other couple of factors that help determine the price are the complexity of your lawn’s terrain, your lawns fertilizing needs, your lawns weed spraying needs, your lawns pesticide needs, and any special add on items such as weeding in the garden or watering trees and gardens while providing other lawn care services. Just let us know when you would like to get your free Ames Lawn Care maintenance quote, we would love to meet you in person! Here at Purple Cow lawn care we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with so much more than just lawn care services, while we are providing your lawn care maintenance we can also take care of your long to do list for your house or property.

Other services that we provide for our clients on a regular basis are: junk removal, handyman services such as replacing doors, repairing decks, repairing broken drywall, touch up painting, baseboard and trim replacement and repair, appliance removal, appliance installation, fence repair and installation, landscaping repair or light remodeling such as replacement of old retaining walls, snow removal, and of course the list of lawn maintenance services. Just give us a call today to see our large range of services and get your free no obligation quote today! Here at Purple Cow Junk Removal & Home Services we really enjoy meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to call for your free consultation even if you really don’t think you will move forward with our Ames Lawn Care services!

Our lawn maintenance packages are not limited to just a certain date range, since we are located in Iowa we understand how the weather can change drastically on a regular basis and are fully prepared to mow and provide lawn care services into November or starting in April. Whenever your lawn needs service we are available! We can also provide snow removal services in your maintenance plan, from just driveway snow removal to sidewalk salting and snow removal. We can easily include whatever your needs are in your maintenance plan so you don’t have to worry about any of your properties outdoor maintenance or an increase in expenses from drastic and unpredictable weather. To contact Purple Cow Junk Removal & Home Services just give us a call at 515-686-4870 or send us a text to 515-686-4870, you can always email as well to We look forward to hearing from you!